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Private Placements

Private Placements offer a practical solution for business financing amid the array of financing sources available to small business owners. Each source has its limitations and requirements and the private investment market provides an attractive alternative for investors and growing companies alike.

Bull and Bear Group and partners international network of offices and investors can offer growth opportunities to companies of virtually any industry for raising capital. Providing capital at a critical time of growth, private placements are an alternative to venture capital and allow companies to raise capital at a significantly lower cost. Moreover, a private placement allows a company to bring in strategic investors, customers and suppliers under favorable equity terms.

The capital raised in a private placement will generally be used to implement internal expansion plans and to finance acquisitions. In many cases, private investment begins to lay a strong foundation towards an IPO by broadening the company’s investor base and enhancing their credibility for future capital raising programs.

Our contacts include traditional funding sources, qualified investors, fund managers and investment bankers.

Supplementing our efforts are a number of investor contacts that feature non-conventional opportunities such as capital funding based upon Restricted 144 Stock, either being held privately by an individual or directly for a publicly traded company.

Our group has assisted companies in obtaining financing since 1990 and we truly understand the importance of dealing with qualified entities. We have witnessed and understand the toxic convertible era and know which financiers are preferable as well as those to avoid. Please feel free to contact us for a confidential no obligation discussion before you sign the dotted line with another group.

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