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The Challenges

Whatever route your company takes to go public, the major challenge becomes creating and maintaining investor interest for company stock.

Operating results alone do not have sufficient influence on pricing. They represent the past, not the future. Depressed stock prices and lack of demand affect the company in many ways including,

  • financing becoming expensive and dilutive

  • acquisition opportunities reduced

  • lack of employee retention

  • loss of shareholder loyalty

  • loss of appeal to new investors.

Bull and Bear Group and partners have the skills to;

Help you shape a clear perception of future performance and value, communicate that perception to the financial industry and so build shareholder value by triggering the demand-creating process thus achieving;

  • Stable stock price appreciation

  • fair market valuation

  • shareholder satisfaction

  • employee morale

  • affordable acquisitions

  • realistic expansion

  • economical capital raising

Bull and Bear Group and partners through our Investor Relations Professionals both here and in Europe will mount an effective campaign to build market awareness a vital part of building shareholder value.

Our associates include Market Makers, Accountants, Attorneys, Stock Exchange Listing Partners, Research Report Writers and Investor Relations Professional.

Get more appreciation out of your U.S. and Foreign Exchange Listings

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